Phlebotomy Practice Kit and IV Practice Kit for Nurses and Other Medical Professionals


Practice and perfect venipuncture techniques on a variety of veins.
  • Dorsal Metacarpal Veins:  Master IV catheter insertion using any of the veins on the top of the hand.
  • Cephalic Vein at the Wrist: The cephalic vein runs from the hand to the side of the wrist and then through the cubital fossa area.
  • Basilic and Cephalic Veins (Cubital Fossa): Practice drawing blood, giving injections, and drawing blood using blood collection tubes on the basilic and cephalic veins.
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Venipuncture practice kit with full, adult-size practice arm. Perfect for phlebotomists and nursing students to build confidence and muscle memory for successful sticks every time, over and over again.

  • The venipuncture practice arm feels real to the touch and has anatomically correct cephalic or basilic veins with multiple puncture sites on the dorsal hand, lateral pulse, and the cubital fossa area on the ventral forearm.
  • The iv practice arm's veins automatically reseal after every stick so you get endless hours of practice. The simulation arm's durability makes it ideal for educators running workshops with multiple students.
  • Prepare for phlebotomy and iv skills tests. Practice and perfect venipuncture techniques and procedures in the comfort of your home and pass your in-person nursing clinical on the 1st try.
  • Avoid the anxiety usually associated with live draws with The Apprentice Doctor's iv practice kit. The phlebotomy/iv start kit is easy to set up and use. See the QR code/link inside the sealed, portable box.

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