Suture Practice Kit for Medical Students


  • ✔️ HIGH-QUALITY SUTURE KIT – Are you looking to improve your suturing skills? This Suture Practice Kit includes all the essential tools and a high-quality Suture Pad with a variety of Sutures. This will ease your way to becoming an experienced medical practitioner.
  • ✔️ GREAT GIFT FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS – This Suture kit is a perfect gift for any medical or veterinary student. The Suture Practice Kit will help master all essential suturing techniques on the high-quality skin simulator.
  • ✔️ EVERYTHING YOU NEED – This kit includes all the required elements you need to be packed in a convenient to carry case: Suture Pad (6.90 in x 4.80 in), Hegar Needle Holder, Adson Forceps, Suture Scissors, Scalpel Blades (5-Pack), Mixed Sterile Suture Thread with Needle (16-pack).
  • ✔️ DURABLE AND REALISTIC TEXTURE – The high-quality reusable Suture Pad is designed to simulate human tissue to real life-like situations. It features an enhanced durable mesh layer that prevents rips of the skin layer. It comes with a variety of wound types and has sufficient space for additional cuts.
  • ✔️ ORGANIZED AND PORTABLE – To ease your busy life of exams, study, and school life chaos! We included a convenient carry case that keeps the components secure and organized at all times. It allows for conveniently transporting, keeping it organized at the same time.
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COMPLETE SUTURE KIT: Whether you are a medical, nursing, surgical, or vet student. Or you want to practice before starting a real job or residency. This Suturing Kit includes all the elements you need to practice to master all the necessary suturing knot techniques.

DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY: Our high-quality Large Suture Pad is designed to simulate human tissue extremely close to real life-like situations. It has three layers to provide the closest simulation possible: skin, fat, and muscle. It allows practicing suturing techniques with the most authentic and true-to-life conditions possible.

REALISTIC TEXTURE: The suture pad comes with 14 wound types, which are incredibly realistic to help students learn the proper process for stitching wounds. It features an enhanced durable mesh layer between the lacerated skin layer and the fat layer. Making the pad more durable and preventing rips on the skin layer.

Package Detail:
✓ Membco Medical All-In-One Case
✓ Surgical Training Scissors
✓ Hegar Needle Driver/Holder
✓ Adson Forceps (Tweezers with Tooth)
✓ Mosquito Forceps
✓ Iris Scissors
✓ Surgical Scalpel Handle
✓ Scalpel Blades (5-Packs)
✓ 3/0 Nylon Monofilament Sutures (2-Packs)
✓ 4/0 Nylon Monofilament Sutures ((2-Packs)
✓ 3/0 Silk Braided Sutures (2-Packs)
✓ 4/0 Silk Braided Sutures (2-Packs)
✓ 3/0 Polypropylene Monofilament Sutures (2-Packs)
✓ 4/0 Polypropylene Monofilament Sutures (2-Packs)
✓ 3/0 Polyester Braided Sutures (2-Packs)
✓ 4/0 Polyester Braided Sutures (2-Packs)

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